Bob FahyThis edition of Amateur Golf Talk LIVE! talks with Bob Fahy and his involvement with Paragolf.   Bob is the Director of Adult Instruction at the Windy Hill Sports Complex in Richmond Virginia involved with both the Paragolf and Special Olympics program there.  In this interview, he shares stories of inspiration and innovation we have not heard before.  This Paragolf program is a partnership between The Sheltering Arms Adaptive Golf Program,  McGuire Veterans Administration Hospital, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the National Amputee Golf Association, The Stand Up and Play Foundation and the Windy Hill Sports Complex.  It helps people with a myriad of physical disabilities to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of getting outside on a summer day.

The piece of equipment that makes this possible is called the Paragolfer.    The Windy Hill facility is fortunate to have two and two Paragolf Eventmore on the way thanks to their wonderful sponsors Dupont and Sweet Frog, and it is a state-of-the-art mobility device that is part golf cart, part wheelchair and leg stabilizer. It allows mobility impaired individuals to stand up, eye-to-eye with their peers,  and perform physical tasks that they have not been able to do and thought they’d never be able to do. This includes playing a full 18 holes of golf with friends and family.  The ParaGolfer is an all-terrain vehicle so no matter where the ball ends up they can get to it. Even some locations that are off-limits to traditional golf cars, such as the pristine grass that covers the green, are ok for a roving ParaGolfer.

paragolfer_400x390This device was co-developed by Anthony Netto, who also founded the Stand Up and Play Foundation.  Netto, an avid golfer and aspiring professional, was injured in an auto accident back in 1994 that left him paralyzed from the waist down. This inspired him to design a vehicle that would help disabled individuals become active again. Listen to this full interview to hear what he has been able to accomplish, who he has played with including Tiger Woods, and what he has inspired.  Mr. Netto travels the country now to give demonstrations about this program and with his foundation encouraging golf courses to provide this service.

For more information about the Windy Hill Sports Complex, please visit their website at  The Stand Up and Play Foundation can be found at and has additional information about programs around the country.  The hear this entire interview, click the player below or download it to your computer, smartphone or tablet for listen on demand.  Thank you for your interest in this edition of Amateur Golf Talk LIVE! with Bob Fahy and Paragolf on