BenitosShan Coughlin sits down with Jay Langeneck of Benitos Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta to talk about all the reasons golfers would want to eat here.  Located on Highway 17 South in North Myrtle Beach, Benitos has been serving Italian specialties and their famous brick oven pizza for over 24 years.  In 2010, the old restaurant was demolished and the new Shan's Imageone opened up right next door giving patrons more seating, more bar space, more parking and more fun.

Jay tells Shan about the fantastic lunch menu available at 11am Tuesday through Saturday including the awesome Italian Wedge sandwich which is their lunch special.  Shan tasted it and is hooked!  It is now one of the Golf Director favorites.  Dinner begins at 4:30 and before Benitos began opening for lunch, upwards of 50 people were often waiting when the doors opened.  Most likely they were there to sample the traditional recipes with sauces made to order, or that fabulous brick oven pizza where the oven is kept at a cool 700 degrees!

The menu boasts items including Appetizers, Salads, and Soup where homemade is the name of the game.  Their pizza specialties include the Benitos Meat Lovers’ Pizza, a Healthy Vegetarian Pizza, Grecian Pizza and Island of Tahiti Pizza, but don’t forget about the Pizza Di Nonno Benito with its pesto sauce, grilled chicken, roasted peppers and mozzarella touted as the choice of discriminating Italians.  If your mouth isn’t watering now, just wait to hear about the entrees.

Entrees include Shrimp and Chicken Fantastico, Rigatoni alla Vodka, Romanissimo and Traditional Italian Lasagna among others.  You can, of course, make your own pizza topping combination and create your own pasta dish including the homemade meatballs.  There are three veal dishes and over half a dozen seafood and chicken specialties.  Bambinos get their own menu (10 and under) with 6 selections for just $5.99 each.

Whether you are a golfer or not, you will not want to miss eating at Benitos Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta. The food is fantastic, the decor is comfortable and the atmosphere is relaxing.  Grab your friends and go see Jay and his partners, Ernesto and Joey.  They love to get to know their customers by name and become friends.  Tell them The Golf Director sent you!

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