Matt AdamsAs the golf world looks ahead to the 143rd playing of the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in England, Golf Connections host Mitch Laurance begins this special series of shows on the Open with SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio’s  “Fairways of Life” host, Matt Adams.

Mitch begins the show by thanking Billy Mac for his song “The Old Course” to get the Open Championship Month going, as well as the other supporters of Golf Connections, Golf History with Peter Alliss iPad app (, Dottie Pepper’s, and the Myrtle Beach Golf App on iTunes and the Android Play Store. Mitch then gives some history on Royal Liverpool and the Open Championship, and introduces NY Times Best-Selling Author and host of the most listened-to golf talk radio show in the world, Matt Adams.

Mitch and Matt discuss the history of the Open Championship and why Matt finds it to be the World’s Major, and why he thinks this particular Championship is reflective of life in general. Matt talks about what he believes is the real connection to the game, being able to play on the same iconic courses that have hosted so many great events. “When you can feel history under your feet, that gives me chills” is Matt’s comment. He talks about different courses, and relates a great story about Waterville in Ireland and its connection to golf and religion so many years ago. It is the beginning of a fascinating discussion throughout the show.

Mitch asks Matt about his early life in the game, and Matt relates how his Dad started him in the game, how he worked as a caddy and on the maintenance side of the game, how his work at ESPN on other sports led him to the realization that golf was his true calling. He then moved to the equipment side of the game, and in 2001 went back to the golf course side. In 2006 Matt began broadcasting his show “Fairways of Life” and explains how 2 years ago it became the true focus of his career. Mitch and Matt talk about Matt’s feelings regarding his writing and hosting, and Matt gets into the deeper philosophy of his work, and how he continually looks at it as something he’s grateful for.

Mitch asks about Matt’s favorite interviews, and Matt quickly responds that an interview he did with Charlie Sifford was perhaps the most wonderful. His description of the interview is fantastic, as he details the life story that made Mr. Sifford the amazing man, and champion, that he was. It’s clearly a source of continual passion for Matt, and the feeling evident in his admiration for Mr. Sifford is apparent.

Mitch then moves to the Open Championship, and asks Matt which Open, of the ones he’s covered, is his favorite. Matt responds with why he believes the 2010 Open was special, citing the world stage at St. Andrews, a World Cup year as well, and how a trip to Holland with a friend before the Open, and the subsequent trip back to Scotland, was a thrilling one. That thrill continued as Matt relates how his work schedule on the first Sunday of Open week fatefully led to the ESPN broadcast team that year, doing 13 hours of coverage for the network. Again, with humility, Matt explains that he never takes any of the work he does for granted, and feels lucky that opportunities come to him. It’s what makes him such a special talent. And words of wisdom, passed down from a mentor he had earlier in his life, relative to hard work and success are worth listening to, and the obvious keys to Matt’s success.

Mitch talks to Matt about the 2014 Open, and asks his thoughts about Tiger Woods participation. Matt talks about his belief that Tiger will be at Hoylake, his excitement about the Liverpool area, and why he thinks that Henrik Stenson will win the Open, why Graeme McDowell will compete and why Royal Liverpool will favor the strategists like Rory McIlroy and Luke Donald.

Mitch thanks Matt for his time, and for his contribution to the game and to all of us who love it, and reminds us that Golf Connections is produced and broadcast by the Zeus Radio Network for