TGD Radio produced another episode of it’s popular new show called Golf Rednecks and featured a famously self-proclaimed golf redneck, country music’s rising star, Colt Ford. Colt hasn’t always been in the entertainment business, one of his early (and current) passions was the game of golf. He began playing as a child and progressed through the junior and collegiate ranks onto playing as a touring professional before transitioning into the music industry.

TGD Radio’s regular contributor, Hugh Royer III (HR3) along with regular host, George Honeycutt had a lot in common with Colt. Hugh has known him for years and all three of them are bona fide Georgia rednecks. Call it a gentlemen’s game if you will, but we here at TGD Radio contest that redneck gentlemen make up a good portion of the 25,000,000+ golfers in the United Sates.

Golf Rednecks is a new show intended to give us a chance to laugh at ourselves (and others when possible) and the things we’ve done and seen others do while in the midst of attempting this gentleman’s game. We’re always amazed, though we should expect it, to see the listening audience we attract at During the three hour window including Golf Rednecks, The Round Table, and Coverage of the Majors today, we had folks tune in from over 20 countries around the globe. Reaching over 140 countries thus far, along with all 50 United States, and thousands of cities, TGD Radio continues to add new content and variety to the programming. We hope you enjoy it!

colt ford live

Colt Ford.- Golf Redneck

Keep up with Colt Ford’s tour dates at and get your tickets early for the quickly sold-out venues hosting the Florida-Georgia Line / Colt Ford Tour.

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