TGD Radio Shows

TGD Radio launched in January 2013 with one show, Tee It Up Grand Strand hosted by George Honeycutt. The show highlighted Myrtle Beach area tournaments, golf courses, and personnel. We produced and aired the shows live and replayed them over and over…and over in the 24/7 replay loop. Each show was placed into an on-demand podcast library with an accompanying article / synopsis of the shows content.  Over the next several weeks we began adding new programming to the network until we had a variety of content for the amateur golfer. We stuck with the same format throughout the programming with a live airing, replay, and archive of each show for listen on-demand.

TGD now offers a complete line up of golf talk radio including, results, news, tech, tips, rules, previews, interviews, history, gossip, and course information. Our shows have reached 165 countries, all 50 United States, and over 25,000 cities around the world.

Here is the current line up (all times eastern):

TGD GolfRap BannerMondays at 10 AM – GolfRap – Hosted by George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III – GolfRap is a golf results show delivering the weekend’s tournament results along with some great commentary from George and Hugh. Click HERE to go to the GolfRap Live Podcast Library.



TGD Golf Connections BannerTuesdays at 2 PM – Golf Connections – Hosted by Mitch Laurance – With Golf Connections, Mitch Laurance connects the traditions, champions, and history of the game with interviews with celebrities throughout the game. Click HERE to go to the Golf Connections Podcast Library.



TGD Round TAble BannerThursdays at 10 Am – The Round Table – Hosted by George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III – Anything goes on The Round Table. It is an open forum for any golf topic and content direction changes with each show. Click HERE to go to the The round Table Podcast Library.



TGD Tech Talk bannerThursdays at 10:30 Am – Tech Talk – Hosted by various members of the TGD Radio team including George Honeycutt, Hugh Royer III,and Al Cloyd – On Tech Talk, the broadcast team cover new products and technology including, apparel, gadgets, clubs, balls, shafts, and more. Click HERE to go to the Tech Talk Podcast Library.



TGD Pro Golf Talk BannerThursdays at 11:00 Am – Pro golf Talk Live – Hosted by George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III – Pro Golf Talk Live is a preview of the upcoming weekend’s golf along with some commentary, predictions, and banter from the hosts. Click HERE to go to the Pro Talk Live Podcast Library.



golfmonger show imageThursdays at 1 Pm – The GolfMonger Show – Hosted by Brian Stefan – The GolfMonger show is golf commentary from Brian’s perspective. Always entertaining and informative. Click HERE to go to The Golf Monger Podcast Library.



AGTL Banner 6-19-14Weekly Random Scheduling -Amateur Golf Talk LiveHosted by Shan Coughlin – Shan brings a variety of news and information from and to amateur golfers with her one-on-one platform. Shan’s show has become very popular with PR firms who want to get their brands in front of the amateur golf audience. Click HERE to go to the Amateur Golf Talk Live Podcast Library.


TGD Golf GossipWeekly Random Scheduling – Golf Gossip -Hosted by Shan Coughlin and Jamie Ketola – The real wives of golf professionals unload the week’s gossip from the game. Click HERE to go to the Golf Gossip Podcast Library.



TGD Rules of Golf bannerRandom Scheduling – The Rules of Golf – Hosted by rules official, Frank Monk – Frank explains the complex rules of the game with colorful examples and occurrences from his years of officiating. Click HERE to go to the Rules of Golf Podcast Library.



com bannerRandom Scheduling – Coverage of the Majors – Hosted by the TGD Radio broadcast team and guests – Sometimes in the studio and at times on location, Coverage of the Majors provides (often live) coverage of all the PGA and LPGA Majors. Click HERE to go to the Coverage of the Majors Podcast Library



Tee It Up Grand StrandRandom Scheduling – Tee It Up Grand Strand – Hosted by the TGD Radio broadcast team – Our flagship program spotlights area courses and their representatives. Each show is updated monthly to give amateur golfers the latest course conditions and specials from the pro. Click HERE to go to the Tee It Up Grand Strand Podcast Library.



Random Scheduling – Tee It Up Wilmington – Hosted by the TGD Radio broadcast team – Coming soon updates from Wilmington, NC area courses. Check back soon for the first episode.