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The Pearl East and West Courses are located in quaint, Calabash, NC just minutes from downtown Myrtle Beach, SC. Designed by renowned course architect, Dan Maples these two course offer a stunning variety for golfers of all levels. Meandering through the low-country woods and along the scenic marshes, The Pearl courses certainly deliver some of the most unique experiences golf and nature have to offer.

With a fully equipped golf shop, restaurant and bar, The Pearl can handle all your golf outing needs. For information about hosting your, event, banquet, or weeding, be sure to contact The Pearl HERE or call 910/579.8132.

Course Review:         The Pearl (EAST)

Course Manager:      Bryan Thomas, PGA

Course Design:         Dan Maples

Grasses:    Greens – Mini Verde Bermuda (Firm for Approach Shots (less check) Less Break – Slower Uphill – Quicker Downhill)

Tee & Fairways – Bermuda & Rye

Tee                          Index/Slope                              Yardage

Black               73.5/134                           3402/3391=6793

Blue                 72.5/129                           3261/3228=6489

White              70.1/122                           3040/3051=6091

Gold                67.0/119                           2818/2839=5657

Red                  69.2/117                           2577/2493=5070

*Course Review Comments & Perspectives Offered From “Blue” Tee Markers.  Depending upon your preferred yardage, please adjust accordingly.

**All flower beds and newly planted shrubs, free drop nearest point of relief no closer to hole.

***Oyster shell areas will be played as a hazard.

****Be aware of wild-life and natural areas.  We are only visiting their homes.

Hole #1 – Par 5 (528 yds.):  Play your drive down left middle fairway.  Miss the two bunkers right.  Slight dog-leg right then straightens toward the green.  Heavy rough and water area left of fairway 50 yards from Green.  Bunker guards right front of green.  Green slopes back right to left front. Play as three shot hole and make Birdie to start your round.

Hole #2 – Par 3 (185 yds.):  Downhill to Green guarded by front bunker and natural woodlands left and right.  Hitting just over green not penalizing. Crowned putting surface requires attention and makes for challenged putts depending upon pin/hole placement.  May play one club less.

Hole #3 – Par 4 (337 yds.):  Fairway metal or keep driver right middle fairway.  Large bunker protects front right of Green.  Any approach long-left over Green may find unseen pond.  Large crowned Green may require additional club depending upon pin/hole position.

Hole #4 – Par 4 (393 yds.):  One of tighter fairways to hit.  Any wayward drives will find woods or other obstructions.  Dog-leg left to a large Green with a sharp back slope.  Pay attention where the wind is swirling from and where the pin/hole is positioned.  You may need to hit more club!

Hole #5 – Par 3 (199 yds.):  Longer & tree lined this hole could be on a Pinehurst course.  Severe slope in front third of green is 15 yards deep toward center crown.  Extra club shots are not penalized as green surface is relative flat in rear and behind Green is just a pitch back on the surface. Anything short and the Bunkers right and left make for interesting second shots.

Hole #6 – Par 4 (385 yds.):  WARNING – Water dissects the entire fairway.  Pick the right lay-up club for your Tee shot.  The drop area is across the bridge and just right in the fairway.  Large kidney shape Green is protected left by bunker and grasses.  Your second shots are uphill and if pin/hole is middle to back left then add clubs as necessary.  Remember, unless long & accurate with your drive, flying the water hazard should not be attempted.

Hole #7 – Par 4 (399 yds.):  Great golf hole!  Your drive must reach the left side of fairway past the 150 yd. post to get a clear view of the smaller kidney shape Green. AVOID two bunkers seen on fairway right – you will make five or more!  At the elbow of this dog-leg right hole, the fairway shrinks to 22 yards with heavy rough plus is somewhat uphill to Green.  Someone in your group will be trying to make a “Barky” on this hole. Make a four and get back in the cart with a big smile!

Hole #8 – Par 4 (331 yds.):  Breather!  Ample fairway and length of hole allows long iron or fairway metal off the Tee.  Miss the bunkers left in fairway and Greenside as you approach this two tier Green.  Good Birdie Opportunity!

Hole #9 – Par 5 (504 yds.):  “Cut Corners” – Off the Tee peel your drive just left of the somewhat hidden fairway bunker placed at the elbow of this 45 degree dog-leg right.  Any drive too long will bound into the rough and trees awaiting on left side of fairway.  Your next “corner” to negotiate is missing the pond left and sand/grass bunkers right up by the “Tree”; about 70 yards from the Green.  Three well thought out and placed shots may reward you with Birdie – however, Par is likewise good on this tricky hole.

The Pearl East Course Front 9 

Hole #10 – Par 4 (382 yds.):  Long and somewhat uphill, you can aim your drive at the lone Tree in middle of fairway.  If you push or pull your drive, the Water right does come into play from back Tees.  Add additional club for your approach to this crowned Green that is somewhat large again adding too the need for proper club selections.  Solid golf hole.

Hole #11 – Par 4 (322 yds.):  “Small with Big Bite” – Carefully choose your Tee shot club to miss the large Tree on right of fairway and the fairway bunker left – PLUS  Warning – starting about 80 yards from Green, water dissects the entire fairway.  Take heed especially from Ladies or Senior Tees.  Green is circled by water and marsh on all sides however Green is somewhat flat and large.  Compute your yardage to about 120 yards from Green and get a clear look for your second shot.

Hole #12 – Par 3 (176 yds.):  Three club variance considering Green depth.  Avoid Bunker front right. Water left only in play for big pull or push.  Green is somewhat flat toward back and slopes downward moving forward.  Good Birdie Opportunity!

Hole #13 – Par 5 (510 yds.):  Although not long on the card, precision off the Tee dictates going for Green in two shots or performing some course management.  Watch for water hazards down left fairway in two areas.  Stay away from the three bunkers located approximately 120 yards from Green.  Two tier Green is somewhat large and pin/hole location will dictate approach club selection and severity of break or speed for your putts.

Hole #14 – Par 3 (167 yds.):  “Pinehurst” – Tall sand-pine trees line the fairway on this well framed golf hole.  Avoid front right Bunker and pick the right club off the Tee as Green is somewhat deep and has a definite “spine” running right front to back left.  Enjoy this well designed and challenging short hole.

Hole #15 – Par 4 (388 yds.):  Another strong straight-away Par Four that rewards those drives that avoid the fairway bunker left.  Hit just right of the fairway bunker and you may pick up 20 yards of roll leaving a shorter iron into this sloped Green.  The slope of the Green runs back to front and any approach shots left of the putting surface may challenge any plan to make Par.

Hole #16 – Par 4 (336 yds.):  “A Little Harbor Town Flair” –  Find the 150 yard post and plan your drive to go past and left of the post.  Anything short and right of the 150 yard post and you are blocked and blind for any approach to the Green.  The fairway likewise is undulated and somewhat small in width.  The Green is downhill and has three quadrants that determine breaks and speed.  Warning – do not go over the Green as the marsh and heavy foliage begin just a few FEET beyond.  A bunker left of Green may catch any pulls or push shots from the fairway.  Tight – strategic – demanding – fun golf hole.

Hole #17 – Par 4 (387 yds.):  Stand on the Tee box and enjoy the view!  NOW turn all your attention to this golf hole.  Somewhat uphill dog-leg left fairway awaits and push-pull-hook-slice shots off the Tee.  Marsh all the way left and mounds and trees swallow anything right of fairway.  Target right middle fairway and pay attention to pin/hole location and distinctive two tiers Green awaits.  All the golf hole that you would want with the beauty of the intercostal marshlands.

Hole #18 – Par 5 (560 yds.):  “Don’t Go Left” – Check your alignment off the Tee box and then cheat a little so your drive favors the right side of the fairway (just don’t go too far right).  Some golfers may go for the Green in two shots, however, risk/reward dictates a calculated second shot be placed about 100 to 125 yards from the Green and then giving your-self a good chance to Birdie the final hole.  You will see all the trouble running down the left hand side of this golf hole…stay clear and continue your smile heading up to the clubhouse.

The Pearl East Course Back 9



The Pearl (EAST) offers a rare and unique golfing experience.  The natural setting includes several ecologically distinctive visual and interactive course design features, normally & collectively not found within 18 holes of golf.  Adding to the experience that is The Pearl (EAST), the putting surfaces are tour proven and healthy; you will experience natural waste areas and fluffy bunkers; and the fairways are kept to perch your ball and make ready for the next well placed shot.  Pay attention to the playing tips provided herein as The Pearl (EAST) does demand proper club selection and course management.  These are indicators of a well-designed golf course.  As always, select the fun set of Tee’s to play for you and your group.  Enjoy “The Pearl” golfing experience…we are sure you will return again and again.

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