golf redneckNew programming by brought southern golfers George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III together to speak about the who, how, and when’s any golfer could be a redneck.  Now redneck golf is a chosen lifestyle.  Being redneck golfers calls for unique player traits, certain appearal, certain golfing technologies and particular course antics that would separate the redneck golfer from any other golf lover.  Hugh noted that not everyone from the south or rural areas qualify as a redneck golfer.  Hugh commented that the in-studio guest for this the first Redneck Golfers program were by definition true redneck golfers.  George introduced two friends visiting the Grand Strand from Coweta county Georgia.  Father and son Coggin were quick to relate several stories from their golfing history that would relate to redneck golf.  George wanted to lay out for the listeners of, some indicators that every golfer should notice whether they match any of the early warning signs for being a redneck golfer.

You might be a redneck golfer if:

  1. After holing a 20 foot putt for double bogey – instead of a high five with each playing partner – you have your buds pull your finger!
  2. Your emergency toilet paper in your golf bag has page numbers on each sheet!
  3. You brag about perfecting the “off the tin roof” wedge approach shot required on #9 at the legion course!
  4. Your canvas golf bag has a pocket fisherman with tackle and a 22 caliber short rifle plus plastic bags for collection of cart kills!
  5. Your make your own “fur” coat head covers – preferable cart kills versus wasting ammo!
  6. You quit any round of golf once the last beer from your cooler is finished!
  7. You used flat white interior spray paint to make your recent flea market purchase of the “Hammer” look like what the pro’s hit on television!
  8. Your latest golf shoe purchase was for neon camouflage with snake bite ankle protection and steel toes.
  9. The course you are visiting has a local discount and the Pro asked if you have an I.D. & you respond “Bout What”!
  10. You filled your entire deer season tag allotment on the golf course.

George went on to list redneck golfer “dirty sayings” in other words…heard golf sayings that could relate to other things;

  1. Guys look…my shaft is bent!
  2. After 18 holes with my first cousin sister and her second cousin my aunt – I can barely walk!
  3. Passing a buddy taking a leak…you ask your fellow players on the next tee…did you see Jo-Bob’s putter!
  4. Head Down – Butt Out – Spread Your Legs!
  5. Mind if I join your three-some!
  6. My hands are so sweaty – I can’t get a grip!
  7. Hold up guys – I got to wash my balls!
  8. I don’t have enough wood to hit that thing anymore!
  9. As your sister said – Just short and never hard enough!

The redneck golfing broadcast crew continued with jokes, true stories, and experiences related too true redneck golf.  Each participant in the broadcast shared their appreciation for the opportunity to share some golfing stories and encouraged listeners of to get involved.