Zeus Digital Marketing Network produces and broadcast the ever growing Golf Talk and Internet Televised programs such as Round Table, Tech Talk, Pro Golf Talk Live and Coverage of the Majors.  Each program is hosted by George Honeycutt and when available Hugh Royer III, former PGA Tour member and current Director of Instruction at the South Carolina Golf Center.  As always, George welcomes golf industry leaders and lovers of golf to join the programs offering a panel format which always increases interaction and adds several viewpoints or observations of the current Golf topics.  George and Hugh welcome guest panelist David Gubbels, GM – Golfsmith, North Myrtle Beach, SC. and Al Cloyd, Master Golf Club Builder/Repair Specialist from Grind Golf and Al’s Custom Fitting Works at Possum Trot Golf Course in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

The Round Table presented by – Carolina’s Tour addressed several topics relating to current golfing events or recent activities by those professionals associated with the sport.  Today’s topics include discussion about the first International Crown tournament produced and marketed by the LPGA Tour.  Viewpoints and comments were made about this event and whether it is needed, entertaining, limiting in the qualification process or whether the event will be a long-term recurring tournament.  George Honeycutt noted that the International Crown seemed to have the smell of a “silly season golf tournament”; while the viewpoints of Hugh and David felt that due to available marketing and broadcast window of dates where this start up event would not compete against substantial competition by other golf or sporting events, the LPGA Tour has a very small window of dates to hold such an event.  Also argued was the event itself and the questionable format over the four days of competition plus how the players themselves are selected to represent the only eight countries invited to participate.  32 players are solicited by March 31 by the LPGA Tour and offered an invite to commit their time and efforts.  George noted that the March date seemed unfair and early in the season of such a suppose selection process to be closed off for any country or player.  The panel shared several minutes of discussion from several different viewpoints about this event and some of the dialogue got heated and very entertaining.  All golf analyst on the panel agreed in hope that the event would survive past it’s next contracted play site in 2016.  As Hugh noted, we should have a better feel for the success or failure of this event early next week.

Tech Talk with Al Cloyd welcomed each of the aforementioned guest and host of the Round Table.  Also joining the panel was Jason Bustamante of Pure Grip (  As it is so for each Tech Talk with Al Cloyd, Al chooses a equipment or technology from the golfing industry and by inviting a representative from the company or person responsible for the product or service, will break down the characteristics for amatuer golfing listeners.  Jason and Al described the corporate commitment by Pure Grip of being a United States only manufactured product and their recent success with gaining market share plus the attention of several tour professionals and equipment manufacturers.  Jason briefly mentioned that in about a month, a major equipment manufacturer (remained nameless at this time) will be making the announcement of a expanded relationship with Pure Grips.  Jason also highlighted that long-time premium putter manufacturer, Bettinardi, is now using primarily Pure Grips at the fitting studio in California.  As George and Al noted, both of these announcements are huge within the industry and Jason will need to rejoin the Round Table panel once the final announcement is ready to be made about the manufacturer agreement currently being finalized.

The panel consolidated Pro Golf Talk Live and Coverage of the Majors into one televised broadcast.  Each of the professional tours were summarized and brief discussions given to each,plus, the panel got into some lively discussions about the tours themselves and what their futures may look like.  Really good programming and entertaining dialogue by each panelist caused the producers behind the glass to throw up their hands as this segment ran several minutes long.  Although worth it.